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Print Retrospectives - Overlooked and Undervalued

The Sprint Retrospective is probably the least valued of the 5 events in Scrum. Like the stereotyped middle child, the Sprint Retrospective is often forgotten or skipped in return for precious time that could be used writing code. But the fact that it is one of the few carefully chosen events in Scrum and endorsed and taught by Scrum coaches and practitioners, should perk our ears and motivate us to pay attention to and perfect the art of the retrospective.

So let’s discuss why this deserves to be put back into the limelight.

Like a middle child, the Sprint Retrospective is often forgotten or skipped

Sprint Retrospective Goal

The purpose of the retrospective is, as its name implies, to look back or reflect on the last Sprint. It’s an opportunity for teams to brainstorm and discuss events and processes that are working well and those that are not, for the purpose of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the team. Discuss the likes and dislikes of the team. What works and what doesn’t. Cover as much ground as you can, including the Scrum process, stories, the definition of done, deadlines, culture, people, communication and whatever else that’s on their mind. The Scrum Master’s responsibility is to tactfully manage, guide and participate in these discussions such that everyone’s feedback is taken into consideration and resolutions are worked out.

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